AI 肖像画提示词:魅力十足的时尚女性

AI 肖像画中文提示词:魅力十足的时尚女性,一幅迷人的流行艺术家肖像,有着火红的头发,穿着时尚、未来派的服装。 该套装以醒目的头饰为核心,辅以干净的妆容。 图像以鲜艳的色彩捕捉,营造出奇幻、前卫和富丽堂皇的主题。 这位艺术家散发着自信和魅力,同时体现了幻想、极简主义和电影颗粒的本质。

AI 肖像画提示词(prompt)英文:

A mesmerizing portrait of a stunning pop artist with fiery red hair, clad in a sleek, futuristic outfit. The ensemble features a statement headpiece as the centerpiece, complemented by clean makeup. The image is captured in vibrant colors, creating a fantastical, edgy, and regal theme. The artist exudes confidence and charisma while embodying the essence of fantasy, minimalism, and film grain.

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