AI 绘画设计提示词:未来生物仿生椅子

主题:一张未来生物仿生椅子,展示了科技与自然的完美融合,灵感来自动物形态;风格:现代性与原始简朴的结合;背景:一个黑暗压抑的未来环境,反映了乌托邦未来的前景;焦点:一把流线型动物造型的椅子,设计 sleek,细节精致,充满高科技感;视角:正面,捕捉椅子的独特外观;景深:中景,突出椅子的详细特征;颜色:一种渐变的蓝色、绿色和紫色调,营造出一种创新和进步的感觉,的同时又 reflect the dystopian setting;镜头:标准镜头;照明条件:人工,投喂一种灰暗、忧郁的光线到椅子上;图案/纹理:椅子和背后的荒凉景观相结合,反映出椅子的科技发展和自然灵感;构图:椅子位于画面中间,背后的景观向两边延伸。这个场景传达出一种绝望和沮丧的感觉,仿佛未来并不光明。

提示词由 可我AI AI 绘画提示词生成工具 生成,图片由 AI 图片免费生成工具 生成,该提示词可用于 Midjourney 、Stable Diffusion 中生成图像。


Theme: A futuristic biomimetic chair that blends technology and nature, inspired by animal shapes; Style: A blend of modernity and primitive simplicity; Background: A dark, oppressive environment indicative of a dystopian future; Focus: The chair, a sleek, animal-shaped design with intricate details and advanced technology; Viewing angle: Frontal, capturing the chair’s striking appearance; Depth of field: Medium, highlighting the chair’s detailed features; Color: A gradient palette of dark blue, green, and purple, evoking a sense of innovation and progress amidst a dystopian setting; Lens: Standard lens; Lighting conditions: Artificial, casting a bleak, moody light on the chair; Pattern/Texture: A combination of smooth and rough surfaces, reflecting the chair’s technological advancements and natural inspiration; Composition: The chair is placed in the center of the frame, with a barren landscape stretching out behind it. The scene exudes a sense of desolation and despair, as if the future is not bright.

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