AI 绘画提示词:一个旧旧的机器人

AI 绘画提示词:一个旧旧的机器人,主题:一张温暖的照片,4岁的小男孩紧紧拥抱着一个旧旧的机器人,在一个暗淡、渐渐消失的房间里;风格:将怀旧与现代相结合,捕捉孩子拥抱机器人的温馨;背景:一个充满灰尘、蜘蛛网和锈迹的暗淡房间,勾起了一股被遗弃的感觉;焦点:展示男孩与机器人之间的联系,表现出孩子对忠诚伴侣的无尽爱意;视角:低角度,捕捉这个亲密的时刻和情感深度;景深:浅景深,把注意力放在男孩的手 wrap around the robot’s metal frame上;颜色:温暖的棕色色调与机器人的冷金属光泽形成了鲜明的对比,强调了孩子的同情心和同理心;镜头:标准镜头;光线条件:暗淡的光源给整个场景带来了柔软的橙色光芒,增强了情感和温暖感;图案/纹理:机器人的粗糙表面增加了整体的怀旧感,完美地匹配了孩子对他的忠实朋友的感情。这张照片是由John Doe使用佳能EOS R5相机拍摄的,光圈为f/2.8,ISO 400,快门速度为1/125秒。UHD dtm HDR 10k。

提示词由 可我AI AI 绘画提示词生成工具 生成,图片由 AI 图片免费生成工具 生成,该提示词可用于 Midjourney 、Stable Diffusion 中生成图像。


Theme: A heartwarming scene of a 4-year-old boy embracing an old, rusty robot in a dark, fading room; Style: A blend of nostalgia and modernity, capturing the warmth of the child’s embrace; Background: A dimly lit room filled with dust, cobwebs, and rust, evoking an atmosphere of neglect and abandonment; Focus: The connection between the boy and the robot, showcasing the child’s love and affection for his loyal companion; Viewing angle: from a low angle, capturing the intimacy and emotional depth of the moment; Depth of field: shallow, drawing attention to the boy’s hands wrapped around the robot’s metal frame; Color: The warm, earthy tones of the boy and robot contrast beautifully with the cold, metallic sheen of the robot, emphasizing the child’s compassion and empathy; Lens: Standard lens; Lighting conditions: The dim light source casts a soft, orange glow on the scene, enhancing the emotions and warmth of the moment; Pattern/Texture: The rough, textured surface of the robot adds to the overall feel of nostalgia and decay, perfectly matching the child’s attachment to his faithful friend. This photograph was captured by John Doe with a Canon EOS R5 camera, using an aperture of f/2.8, ISO 400, and a shutter speed of 1/125 sec. UHD dtm HDR 10k.

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