AI 绘画提示词:一只可爱时尚的猫咪,穿着华丽的连帽衫

AI 绘画提示词:一只可爱时尚的猫咪,穿着华丽的连帽衫,身上挂满了花朵,呈现出活泼有趣的感觉; 风格:既实用又美观的服装设计,适合任何场合的着装,无论休闲还是正式,都能展现猫咪独特的魅力。

AI 绘画提示词:一只可爱时尚的猫咪,穿着华丽的连帽衫
AI 绘画提示词:一只可爱时尚的猫咪,穿着华丽的连帽衫

以下提示词由 可我AI AI 绘画提示词生成工具 生成,图片由 AI 图片免费生成工具 生成,也可以用该提示词在 Midjourney 、Stable Diffusion 中生成。


Theme: A cute and fashionable cat, wearing a gorgeous hoodie and covered with flowers, showing a lively and interesting feeling; Style: A clothing design that is both practical and beautiful, suitable for any occasion, whether casual or formal, Both can show the cat’s unique charm; Background: Soft tones, you can choose light or soft tones for the background to highlight the cat’s skin texture and make the whole picture more warm and comfortable; Focus: The cat’s eyes capture its agility and intelligence, showing Its soul; Viewing angle: Shooting from the side of the cat, which can better show the details of its body structure and floral shirt; Depth of field: Shallow depth of field, giving the cat a sharp contrast with the background, highlighting its dominance; Color: in soft colors Mainly, such as elegant pink, beige, lavender, etc., echoing the colors of flowers; Lens: Use a wide-angle lens to better capture the cat’s body structure and the details of the flowers; Lighting conditions: The light is soft, creating warmth for the cat Cozy atmosphere; Pattern/Texture: The texture of the flowers complements the cat’s hair, making the entire painting more layered. This photo was using a Canon EOS R5 camera at f/1.8, ISO 400, and a shutter speed of 1/250 sec. 4k ultra high definition.


主题:一只可爱时尚的猫咪,穿着华丽的连帽衫,身上挂满了花朵,呈现出活泼有趣的感觉; 风格:既实用又美观的服装设计,适合任何场合的着装,无论休闲还是正式,都能展现猫咪独特的魅力; 背景:柔和的色调,背景可以选择浅色或柔和的色调,突出猫咪的皮肤纹理,让整个画面更加温馨舒适; 聚焦:猫的眼睛捕捉它的敏捷和聪明,展现它的灵魂; 视角:从猫的侧面拍摄,可以更好地展现其身体结构和花衬衫的细节; 景深:浅景深,让猫与背景形成鲜明对比,凸显其主导地位; 颜色:以柔和的色彩为主,如淡雅的粉色、米色、淡紫色等,与花朵的色彩相呼应; 镜头:使用广角镜头,可以更好地捕捉猫的身体结构和花朵的细节; 光照条件:灯光柔和,为猫咪营造温馨舒适的氛围; 图案/纹理:花朵的纹理与猫的毛发相得益彰,使整个画作更有层次感。 这张照片使用佳能 EOS R5 相机拍摄,光圈为 f/1.8,ISO 400,快门速度为 1/250 秒。 4k 超高清。

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