AI 绘画奇幻艺术提示词:迷人、超可爱的生物

AI 绘画奇幻艺术提示词:迷人、超可爱的生物,主题:一个迷人、可爱、色彩斑斓的梦幻般、超可爱的生物;风格:将可爱和迷人的特点与艺术站的美学相结合;背景:柔软的淡色渐变背景,与生物的魅力相得益彰;焦点:可爱的生物,大眼睛和细微的细节吸引了人们的注意;视角:近距离拍摄,捕捉生物的温柔和可爱;景深:深远,确保整个生物都在焦点上,而背景略微模糊;颜色:生物的柔和、温和的颜色创建了一种舒适和亲近的氛围,吸引观众与之互动;镜头:微距镜头;照明条件:自然窗口光,温暖、柔和的光线照在生物上,增加了它的魅力;图案/纹理:生物的柔软毛发或鳞片,纹理细小、 Loop/ridge textured,为图像增添温暖和深度。这张照片由 John Smith 使用佳能 EOS R5 相机拍摄,光圈为 f/2.8,ISO 400,快门速度为 1/250 秒。UHD dtm HDR 10k。

提示词由 可我AI AI 绘画提示词生成工具 生成,图片由 AI 图片免费生成工具 生成,该提示词可用于 Midjourney 、Stable Diffusion 中生成图像。


Theme: A charming, cuddly, and colorful creature from a dreamlike, surrealistic world; Style: A fusion of cute and adorable features with a trendy art station aesthetic; Background: A soft, pastel-colored gradient backdrop that complements the creature’s charm; Focus: The cute creature, with its big, expressive eyes and tiny details, drawing attention; Viewing angle: Close-up shot, capturing the vulnerability and cuteness of the creature; Depth of field: Deep, ensuring the entire creature is in focus while slightly blurring the soft background; Color: The creature’s soft, muted colors create a cozy and approachable atmosphere, inviting viewers to engage with it; Lens: Macro lens; Lighting conditions: Natural window light, casting a warm, soft glow on the creature, enhancing its charm; Pattern/Texture: The creature’s soft fur or scales,textured with tiny loops or ridges, adds warmth and depth to the image. This photograph was captured by John Smith with a Canon EOS R5 camera, using an aperture of f/2.8, ISO 400, and a shutter speed of 1/250 sec. UHD dtm HDR 10k.

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