AI logo设计提示词:宠物标识设计

AI logo设计提示词:宠物标识设计,为宠物创造一个现代、简约的标志设计,融入自然和动物的元素。 标志应传达出对宠物的温暖、关怀和爱意。 在设计中融入风格化的宠物图像或符号,例如爪子印或宠物脸的简单插图。 使用绿色、棕色、蓝色等大地色来体现自然元素,营造平静的氛围。 字体应该干净、现代,采用无衬线风格,易于阅读,并与宠物相关的主题完美搭配。 确保整体设计具有凝聚力、视觉吸引力且易于识别。

提示词由 可我AI AI 绘画提示词生成工具 生成,图片由 AI 图片免费生成工具 生成,该提示词可用于 Midjourney 、Stable Diffusion 中生成图像。

AI logo设计提示词:宠物标识设计
AI logo设计提示词:宠物标识设计

AI logo设计提示词英文:

Create a modern, minimalist logo design for pets that incorporates elements of nature and animals. The logo should convey a sense of warmth, care, and love for pets. Incorporate a stylized pet image or symbol in the design, such as a paw print or a simple illustration of a pet face. Use earthy colors such as greens, browns, and blues to reflect the natural elements and create a calming atmosphere. The font should be clean and modern, with a sans-serif style that is easy to read and pairs well with the pet-related theme. Make sure the overall design is cohesive, visually appealing, and easily recognizable.

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