AI 山水插画提示词:风景如画的村庄

AI 山水插画中文提示词:这是一幅迷人的山水画,描绘了风景如画的村庄,坐落在郁郁葱葱的绿色山脉中,背景是令人惊叹的日出。 村庄里熙熙攘攘,人们忙碌着日常生活,动物们在田野里自由漫步。 所使用的颜色充满活力和温暖,捕捉了完美夏日的精髓。 场景充满了细节,从乡村教堂精雕细琢的门到装饰小径的色彩缤纷的野花。 整体氛围是宁静而满足的,唤起一种在大自然中的平静和幸福的感觉。

AI 山水插画提示词(prompt)英文:

An enchanting landscape painting featuring a picturesque village nestled among lush green mountains, against a backdrop of a stunning sunrise. The village is bustling with activity, as people go about their daily routines while animals roam freely in the fields. The colors used are vibrant and warm, capturing the essence of a perfect summer day. The scene is full of details, from the intricately carved doors of the village churches to the colorful wildflowers that decorate the paths. The overall atmosphere is one of serenity and contentment, evoking a sense of peacefulness and happiness in the heart of nature.

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