AI 风景提示词:壮丽的数字艺术山地景观

AI 风景中文提示词:这是一幅壮丽的数字艺术山地景观,描绘了一座神秘的山景,高于一个幻想中的森林。蔚蓝的天空与雪覆的山峰形成了美丽的对比,创造了一个令人叹为观止的场景。神奇的森林里生活着各种生物,树木间流传着来自幻想世界的故事。一道神秘的瀑布从山顶倾泻而下,增添了场景的神秘色彩。整体氛围令人惊叹的美和超凡脱俗的宁静,邀请观众沉浸在大自然的奇迹之中。

AI 风景提示词(prompt)英文:

An ethereal digital art depiction of a majestic mountain landscape, soaring above a mystical forest. The azure sky contrasts beautifully with the snowcapped peaks, creating a breathtaking scenery. The magical forest is teeming with life, as creatures from the realm of fantasy roam freely among the trees. An enigmatic waterfall cascades down from the mountaintop, adding to the mystique of the scene. The overall ambiance is one of awe-inspiring beauty and otherworldly tranquility, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the wonders of nature.

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