AI 绘画艺术提示词:令人惊叹和戏剧性的风景


提示词prompt)由 可我AI AI 绘画提示词生成器 生成,图片由 AI 图片免费生成工具 生成,该提示词可用于 Midjourney 、Stable Diffusion、DALL-E 中生成图像。

AI 绘画艺术提示词:令人惊叹的和戏剧性的风景
AI 绘画艺术提示词:令人惊叹的和戏剧性的风景


An awe-inspiring and dramatically lit landscape, illuminated by the eerie red glow of a crescent moon. A towering mountain with jagged peaks takes center stage, its rugged surface intricately detailed and commanding. A solitary figure clad in flowing robes and wielding a staff stands before the mountain, shrouded in moonlight and casting long shadows across the rocky terrain. Twisted trees add to the desolate atmosphere, framing the scene perfectly. In the foreground, jagged rocks and uneven ground surround a tranquil body of water, reflecting the mountain’s majesty and the figure’s enigmatic presence. In the distance, another range of mountains rises from the darkness, creating a breathtaking cinematic scene.

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