AI 油画肖像提示词:穿橙色服装的女孩肖像特写

AI 油画肖像提示词中文:作品为一幅油画,描绘了一位穿着橙色服装、佩戴金色珠宝的女孩的迷人特写肖像,散发着童真和纯真。 她穿着传统的日本服装,完美地体现了平野美穗的风格精髓。 灯光增强了她的金色光芒,而柔焦则营造出梦幻、空灵的氛围。 颜色主要是浅黄色和深棕色,提供温暖的对比,突出整体视觉吸引力。 精心制作,以深度感和真实感捕捉每一个细节。 这种风格让人想起 tondo,一种和谐的构图,展示了元素之间的完美平衡。

AI 油画肖像提示词prompt)英文:

The artwork is an oil painting, An enchanting close-up portrait of a girl wearing an orange outfit accessorized with golden jewelry, exuding childlike simplicity and innocence. She sports a traditional Japanese outfit, perfectly capturing the essence of Miho Hirano’s style. The lighting enhances her golden glow, while the soft focus creates a dreamy, ethereal ambiance. The colors are primarily light yellow and dark brown, providing a warm contrast that accentuates the overall visual appeal. masterfully crafted to capture every detail with a sense of depth and realism. The style is reminiscent of tondo, a harmonious composition showcasing the perfect balance between the elements.

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