AI 绘画动漫提示词:身着华丽花卉冠冕的公主

AI 绘画动漫提示词中文:一幅令人惊叹的动漫作品,将天秤座的星标人物化为一位身着华丽花卉冠冕的公主般存在,周围环绕着璀璨的星系。这种高度逼真的动漫风格捕捉到了每一个细微的细节,为您呈现了一个真正令人震撼的视觉体验。这幅关键视觉适合任何动漫或太空主题的粉丝,一定会给您留下深刻的印象。

AI 绘画动漫提示词prompt)英文:

A stunningly detailed anime artwork featuring the star sign of Libra personified as a regal figure, adorned in a beautiful flower crown and striking against a backdrop of a vibrant galaxy sky. The highly realistic anime style captures every intricate detail, creating a truly stunning visual experience. This key visual is perfect for any anime or space-themed fan and is sure to impress.

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