AI 绘画奇幻艺术提示词:神秘的森林场景,装饰着发光的蘑菇和奇幻元素

AI 绘画奇幻艺术提示词,神秘的森林场景,高大的树木,长满青苔的树干,波光粼粼的溪流; 风格:古老魔法与现代奇思妙想的融合; 背景:郁郁葱葱的丛林,充满异国情调的动植物; 焦点:高耸树木的飘逸树枝,装饰着发光的蘑菇和其他奇幻元素。


Theme: A mystical forest scene with tall trees, moss-covered trunks, and a sparkling stream; Style: A fusion of ancient magic and modern whimsy; Background: A lush, verdant jungle teeming with exotic flora and fauna; Focus: The ethereal branches of the towering trees, adorned with glowing mushrooms and other fantastical elements; Viewing angle: From a canopy walkway above, gazing down through the leaves and vines; Depth of field: Wide to telephoto, capturing both the magical trees and the vibrant jungle floor; Color: The colors are a vibrant mix of greens, blues, purples, and pinks, with highlights of golden light and magical glow; Lens: Zoom lens with a wide to telephoto focal length; Lighting conditions: Jungle sun filters through the leaves, casting dappled light and shadows on the forest floor; Pattern/Texture: The softness of the moss contrasts with the rough bark of the trees and theSuppose the moss-covered trunks were made of intricate carvings.


主题:神秘的森林场景,高大的树木,长满青苔的树干,波光粼粼的溪流; 风格:古老魔法与现代奇思妙想的融合; 背景:郁郁葱葱的丛林,充满异国情调的动植物; 焦点:高耸树木的飘逸树枝,装饰着发光的蘑菇和其他奇幻元素; 视角:从上方的树冠走道,透过树叶和藤蔓向下凝视; 景深:广角到长焦,捕捉神奇的树木和生机勃勃的丛林地面; 颜色:颜色是绿色、蓝色、紫色和粉色的充满活力的混合,带有金色的光芒和神奇的光芒; 镜头:变焦镜头,焦距从广角到长焦; 光照条件:丛林阳光透过树叶,在森林地面上投射出斑驳的光影; 图案/纹理:苔藓的柔软与树皮的粗糙形成鲜明对比,假设覆盖着苔藓的树干是由复杂的雕刻制成的。

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