AI 绘画超现实插图提示词:一座雄伟的古老城堡

AI 绘画创建一个超现实的数字插图,以梦幻般的城市景观为中心,围绕山顶上一座雄伟的古老城堡; 风格:超现实主义与科幻的融合


Create a surreal digital illustration featuring a dreamy cityscape centered around a majestic old castle perched on a hilltop; Style: A fusion of surrealism and sci-fi; Background: Bright, futuristic The light; Focus: The castle is built of rusty metal and weathered stone, standing tall and proud on the top of the mountain, surrounded by the bustling city; Perspective: Bird’s eye view, overlooking the city; Depth of field: Deep, focusing on the castle and the surrounding cityscape ; Colors: Bold neon color palette with hints of purple and blue; Lens: Telephoto; Lighting conditions: Bright, direct beams of light over castles and cityscapes, creating a sci-fi futuristic feel; Patterns /texture: The walls of the castle have a textured, almost organic feel, while the buildings in the city have a smooth, modern look


创建一个超现实的数字插图,以梦幻般的城市景观为中心,围绕山顶上一座雄伟的古老城堡; 风格:超现实主义与科幻的融合; 背景:明亮、未来感的灯光; 重点:城堡由生锈的金属和风化的石头建造而成,高傲地矗立在山顶,周围环绕着繁华的城市; 视角:鸟瞰,俯瞰城市; 景深:深,重点关注城堡和周围的城市景观; 颜色:大胆的霓虹色调色板,带有一丝紫色和蓝色; 镜头:长焦; 照明条件:明亮、直射的光束照射在城堡和城市景观上,营造出科幻未来感; 图案/纹理:城堡的墙壁有质感,几乎是有机的感觉,而城市中的建筑物有光滑,现代的外观

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